Trilogy Mobility 2.0 Has Arrived

The new Trilogy Mobility 2.0 solution has arrived. Our field staff are now equipped with the next generation of smart mobility devices, coupled with the leading field end-to-end mobile workforce management solution from ClickSoftware.

What does this mean for our customers?

It means we will now be able to capture real time data from the field and translate this into comprehensive and timely reporting on our customers’ assets. With greater end-to-end visibility and control of our entire service management chain, we can optimise forecasting, planning, scheduling and real-time management of resource and customer communication.

Using an integrated suite of ClickSoftware cloud solutions, we are now able to offer customers improved service through real-time mobile connectivity and lower costs from the increased productivity of our field force achieved through optimised scheduling.

Take a sneak peek below to see why we’re so excited!