At Trilogy Services, we value the health and well being of every person we come in contact with and believe “nothing we do is worth getting hurt for”. This includes our employees, contractors, clients and the communities and environments in which our business operates.

We are committed to ensuring the maximum level of safety in all aspects of our work and mandate that all activities, products and services arising from our business strictly adheres to our company Welfare, Health and Safety Policy which is the foundation of our framework, and drives how we work across the organisation.

At the core of our approach is our commitment to continuous improvement; it is the ongoing process of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving that drives us to our vision. Ultimately, we believe that:

  • All incidents can be prevented
  • No task is so important that risk of injury to people is justified, and
  • Effective WHS management translates into superior operational and commercial performance

Our Leadership team, together with all employees, is committed to eliminating the risk of injury or illness in the workplace through an effective Welfare Health and Safety Management System.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to safety comes from the very top. Our CEO and the executive team understand that the safety and well being of our people are our highest priorities. As a result, our business leaders regularly review the implementation of our standards and engage with work teams. Furthermore, at all levels of the organisation safety performance is reviewed regularly, improvement opportunities identified and actions/ initiatives implemented.

Our Safety Policy