Maintenance Services

Comprehensive Preventative Reactive

Downtime caused by system or equipment failures can represent a major cost for your building and disruption to your business, however investment into a comprehensive maintenance program can ensure that all aspects related to the efficient running of your building is taken care of.
Rely on us to customise a solution to meet your needs. Whether it is at one site or multiple locations, we have the capabilities to offer you a full suite of building and site management solutions for the multi -technical maintenance of your systems and assets. This covers all technical services including thermal, mechanical and electrical, maintenance, servicing and repairs management.
Our comprehensive maintenance program is a full service plan, which comprises of site management including the management of a variety of different service providers. We also offer you the convenience of a single point of contact.

    Our comprehensive maintenance program will:

  • Increase the asset reliability and reduce downtime
  • Increase life expectancy of assets
  • Improve safety and quality conditions
  • Improve energy usage

At Trilogy we deliver an integrated approach to HVAC systems by tailoring preventative maintenance programs to best maximize performance and reliability, while minimizing disruption and running costs.
We will proactively maintain your HVAC systems and conduct annual audits to benchmark the performance of your assets. Our team of qualified technicians will work to prolong the life of your critical equipment and to ensure you have fewer unplanned maintenance events with the aim of reducing the long-term costs of ownership.

As a client of Trilogy, we take the time to understand your needs and will work with you to build a HVAC solution that will meet your operating and budgetary requirements, whilst complying with Australian Standards and our industry’s Code of Practice.
Our Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs can be divided into two categories:
Minor PM includes basic maintenance to ensure that the machinery’s basic needs are addressed and involves performing the fundamental equipment servicing that is essential to assuring the continued operation of the equipment.
Major PM includes Minor PM but also addresses potential causes for asset failures. With this option, the asset is scheduled to be out of service so that a variety of tests can be conducted and parts replaced when needed to ensure that the asset is running at its optimal condition.

We understand that the smooth running of your business depends on the reliable and economic operation of your HVAC system and we are here to help 24/7 to help you in the event that an emergency breakdown arises.
Our 24-hour emergency response team consists of a fleet of experienced technicians, supported by a dedicated call centre team. They are committed to minimizing your downtime and outages by protecting and maintaining the integrity of your mission critical equipment.
For immediate assistance, please contact us on +61 (0)2 9737 5400