Project Management
Business Intelligence Systems
Supply Chain

Trilogy’s project management team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that all aspects of the project are taken care of, leaving you with the time to focus on the smooth running of your business.

We are driven by your concerns for cost effectiveness and we will manage the complete life cycle of a project from the initial briefing to final completion and handover whilst ensuring that your interests and business objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner.

Our project management and engineering team are experienced in the application of our planning processes and understand the importance of managing all the component parts of a complex project equally. We attend to the small tasks that, if missed, can create a flow on effect on scheduled milestones or costs. This philosophy underpins our approach to project management.

Our integrated business intelligence system has been structured to deliver real time benefits to you and to allow us to provide timely and accurate solutions to help optimize the productivity of your critical mechanical assets.

ERP System

The Pronto-Xi ERP system has been designed to give us ready access to the data relating to each job we are working on for you. It gives us the capability to track each service call, the service history for your business as well as provide essential reporting and financial information to help you to make informed and timely business decisions.


The Retriever Dispatch & Scheduling system helps us give you improved job visibility by allowing us to deploy and monitor the real time progress of calls. In addition the Retriever platform enables the use of PDAs in providing all repair time stamps, service dockets, site safety inspections, defect identification and customer sign-off electronically in real time. This ensures no loss of essential paperwork and information relating to the delivery of our services.

Customer Portal

The I-Service platform provides you with a real time view into your site information and service quality in relation to the works we perform. Trilogy Services believe in providing full transparency into our service delivery. As such we have developed a system that enables our customers to view their site history, current calls and review any essential repair works we have identified and quoted. This will help you make critical decisions on repairs to prevent further deterioration of your plant or enhance capability where appropriate.

Service Call Support Team

The deployment of service calls is coordinated through a dedicated team based in our support centre. We have schedulers dedicated to each branch across the country and allow us to provide seamless execution regardless of the resources available in any single location. The deployment team acts as an extension of our service structure and is able to provide real time update on the progress of works on client sites as well as being the central coordination point for labour, site access and materials.

Out of hours, Trilogy Services provides our customers with a dedicated Australian based after-hours call centre to log calls and deploy work to our national team of after-hours technicians.

To support our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we have established a strong supply chain that enables us to deliver our service offering in a cost effective manner across Australia. This ensures, where practical, our high usage generic materials, equipment and plant are readily available. Should the materials, equipment or plant be of a special design or build our business has key relationships with specialist suppliers to further complement this type of demand.

We have also adopted a vendor-neutral approach to ensure that the solution we provide you is the most effective and efficient according to your needs.

For emergency breakdowns or after hours servicing, our spare parts inventory can be easily accessed by our technicians, via a dedicated after hours supervisor at each branch. Alternatively we can store onsite stock for breakdowns at specified client sites as detailed within our agreed Maintenance contracts, whilst also being supported by our national supply chain 24/7, 365 days per year.

Sub Contractors

Our national footprint across Australia is complemented by the ability to utilize our directly employed workforce nationally where complex projects or significant increase in workflow occurs. In addition, we are supported by specialist subcontractor alliances through peak periods if required. These preferred subcontractors have pre-qualified under our Quality and WHS procedures and will deliver the high standard of workmanship that we pride ourselves on in line with our corporate values and quality requirements.

Subcontractors are screened and undergo an initial assessment to ensure that they have:

  •     Relevant experience and licensing
  •     Met specified WHS requirements
  •     Up-to-date insurance information
  •     Adequate qualified resources
  •     Acceptable systems and procedures; and
  •     Valid and approved references

Sub-contractor performance is also evaluated against our benchmarks on a regular basis to ensure our quality standards are maintained.