Our Work

Sydney Opera House Trust

Name of Property:
Site Location:
Value of Project/Contract:
Duration of Project/Contract:
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House Trust
Sydney CBD
$1.78M + Contract Works
2007 – 2014

Environmental Initiatives:

  1. Reduction in power consumption with rationalization of chiller start times.
  2. Reduced use of chemical used in the sea water system to control grow with fresh water flushing schedules and introducing storm water catchment to replace fresh water.

Project/Contract Description:

Trilogy’s contract covers the HVAC component for the Building, including water supply above 25mm, Storm water and sewer pumps & Customs House. The contact is a preventative based contract with a scored KPI base on breakdowns, for the last eight consecutive quarters we have scored in the commended range of above 95%.

How we have helped to minimize disruption to our client’s building occupants/tenants:

  • Break down of sewer pumps; Client based event lead to towels and grease clogging pumps and sewer system over flow.
  • We assisted in diverting patrons to toilets that worked
  • We organized pump out trucks to keep event operating.
  • Adapted pumps to suit situation and restored pit to operation.

How we have ensured that our client sites comply with current legislation:

Trilogy has completed audits on all plant rooms to bring them as close to inline with the current legislation with the restrictions of a heritage-listed Building.